Katherine Metz was first introduced to the art of Feng Shui by Abraham Kawai’i,a Hawaiian Kahuna. She then began studying twenty-two years ago with Professor Lin Yun, the Grand Master of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism, world renowned philosopher, and lecturer after feng shui cured her, with whom she continues her present day studies. Katherine also took it upon herself to learn the German field of Bau-Biologie, or "Building Biology," which is the holistic study of the built environment and its impact on human and planetary health.


Blending other aspects of her background—a degree in Medical Sociology from the University of Michigan and design experience from owning an interior landscape business—with the Hawaiian and Chinese arts of healing and place, Katherine created The Art of Placement, where she went on to become a highly regarded practitioner, teacher, and lecturer. She has made a lasting mark in reaching out to the public and in her most recent endeavor serving as mentor to an elect group of affiliates from around the world.


She teaches and lectures, on the art and science of creating a healthy home and workplace. Her work is devoted to exploring the seen and unseen ways the physical environment can spark and nurture the individual’s natural potential to be as vibrant, receptive, and focused as possible. Katherine has provided her unique services for over twenty-two years in private homes, corporate offices, small businesses, schools, restaurants, and health care facilities, helping her clients create environments where they experience tangible and positive changes.