Marina Lighthouse has been practicing btb feng shui for over twenty years. She Marina believes people, places and even the things around us have energy and are connected in ways that are both seen and unseen. One influences the other and all react in ways that can be known if only one would pay close attention. She thinks a balanced life is a well-adjusted life and that luck, prosperity, success and happiness can be prepared for and encouraged - that an open mind, an open heart and open channels to creativity and prosperity do much to manifest the same.

Through her very successful Los Altos business Harmony in Your Environment, Lighthouse helps corporations and small businesses, entrepreneurs and just plain folks identify and clear a path for the energy in their lives.


According to Lighthouse, good Feng Shui is 90% about showing up and listening. “By the way, just to be clear,” says Lighthouse. “Feng Shui is not about providing unsolicited advice to people about their relationships, homes, lives or businesses. It’s about listening, looking, intuiting, observing, talking, connecting, and then, if need be, correcting.” 

Marina Lighthouse is an intriguing blend of Western sensibility and Eastern mysticism. An artist by nature, a musician and healer by craft, a composer and singer, successful businesswoman and spiritual seeker, she simply believes “That we are all here to help each other any way we can.”

Lighthouse was taught at an early age about Chinese history and philosophy by her father, Ben Marinovich. Lighthouse says, “I guess I was trained for this from an early age. My average morning breakfast table conversation before school included the interpreting of last night’s dreams and on certain days of the week reading coffee grounds.”