Jetsun Darma (also known by her Chinese name, Ho Lynn) is the founder of Yuan Yuan Educational Foundation. She is a teacher, lecturer, writer, spiritual practitioner, and consultant. Jetsun Darma is her spiritual name from the Tibetan Bon tradition, (pronounced as Je Tsun Dar Ma in Tibetan), bestowed upon her by His Holiness, Lungtok Tenpai Nyima Rinpoche, Supreme Leader of the Tibetan Bon religion, worldwide in 2006. Each syllable of her name is full of meaning. Je is Tibetan for “master,” and Tsun means “purity.” Jetsun, therefore, is “reverent, venerable sage.” Dar means “young, strong, and everlasting.” It also alludes to the name of Nunmo Darden, a female enlightened being in the ancient Bon tradition. Ma is the Tibetan word for “mother.” Other than being addressed as Master Teacher Ho, Jetsun Darma’s students simply address her as Jetsun Ma, as they feel that she is a loving, mother figure whose compassion helps them to remove obstacles from their lives.


Ho-Lynn is the founder of the Yuan Yuan Educational Foundation, and is a teacher, lecturer, writer, spiritual practitioner and consultant. Beginning in 1984, HO Lynn volunteered her assistance to LIN Yun as one of his closest disciples and students.


Since 1989, HO Lynn has dedicated herself exclusively to spreading Professor LIN Yun's teachings, often teaching and lecturing on LIN’s behalf. She has given lectures, seminars and consultations at the nation's top universities, major corporations and community level organizations. HO Lynn now conducts classes, seminars, workshops, and one-on-one private mentoring sessions based on LIN Yun's teachings about life, ch'i, Chinese folkloric culture, customs and traditions, philosophies, beliefs, a practical approach to I-Ching, Feng Shui, spiritual cultivation and meditation, holistic healing, and other transcendental knowledge


HO Lynn holds a master's degree in Family Development from the University of Iowa. She has involved herself in international and bi-lingual education throughout her past career including serving as the Executive Director of the Iowa City Foreign Relations Council, and Director of the Chinese American International School of San Francisco. She has studied with LIN Yun since 1980, is respected as one of his most senior disciples, and regarded as one of the best teachers among teachers of the BTB Traditions.